Mission, Vision, Values and Quality Policy


  • Provide products and equipment that meet the expectations and needs of our customers, who are the support of our activity.


  • Being a national reference through sustainable development with respect for the environment, ethics and values of society, acting with professionalism in the relationship with the market and institutions.


  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental protection
  • Legislation compliance

Quality Policy

  • MEF’s quality policy, is framed in a rational management of human and material resources, consisting of:
    • Satisfying our customer requirements, including legal and regulatory requirements applicable to products.
    • Design, manufacture and market our products, so that customers give them preference over those of the competition.
    • Effectively manage the available resources (people, infrastructure, work environment and financial).
    • To continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
    • Connect all the requirements previously defined so that their effectiveness, together, contributes to the greatest possible satisfaction of the desired objectives, namely, of a social, economic and financial nature.